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Someone who is suffering from addiction to any substance deserves to have the space that they need to take the corrective actions that they must in order to work on managing their addiction. For those with the means to pay for it, luxury detox in California may be the answer for them.

What is Luxury Detox?

The process of detox is when a patient withdraws completely from the use of which substance or substances they are addicted to in order to restore their body to a healthier place. Luxury medical detox is available for those who can afford it, and it is likely the safest way for someone to get themselves out of the grips of their substance addiction.

There are many reasons why someone should consider putting themselves under medical supervision before undergoing detox, not the least of which is because it can be dangerous to go through this process alone (more on this later). 

It is necessary for a patient to undergo detox before they can begin the process of taking their first steps towards recovery. If you have ever been around someone when they are in an impaired state, you know how challenging it is to talk sensibly with them at all. They are not in the right frame of mind to receive information and act on it. Thus, it is necessary for a patient to completely detox before starting any healing process.

Luxury detox centers provide additional amenities that other treatment centers may not. Most luxury treatment providers will have a team of highly qualified professionals to care for the patient’s needs. Some centers may even include luxury accommodations that will make the patient’s detox process more comfortable. 

People often chose luxury detox centers because of the quality treatment these centers provide. Treatment plans will be specialized to fit the needs of each patient. For people with substance use disorder, the detox process can be essential to long-term recovery.

Substance Addictions We Specialize In

Humans have the capacity to get addicted to nearly anything, but there are certain substances with a known history of addiction in many patients, and that is why we have spent a great deal of time becoming experts in helping people who have addictions to those particular substances. We have helped patients addicted to some of the following:


One of the most common substances to be addicted to in our society is alcohol. One of the reasons why this is likely the case is because alcohol is so readily available to people. People are able to purchase it at nearly any store, restaurant, or public venue anymore. 

Besides that, the alcohol industry spends an enormous amount on advertising. The total was $6.7 billion dollars in 2020, and it is projected to be $7.7 billion in 2023. All to pitch a product that people can easily become addicted to. reports that a large number of adults in the United States have an alcohol use disorder:

More than 6 percent of adults in the U.S. have an alcohol use disorder, about 1 in 12 men and 1 in 25 women. An additional 623,000 people between the ages of 12 and 17 have alcohol use disorders.

They go on to say that approximately 88,000 Americans will die of alcohol-related causes each year. This makes it the third-largest preventable cause of death in the country. However, only about seven percent of those with a problem seek professional treatment of any kind. This is an urgent problem that our luxury detox centers are working to address.


There has been an explosion of opioid abuse in the United States in recent years, with the CDC figures showing that the number of deaths to opioid abuse rising fourfold since 1999. These drugs are easier to get than some others, and people are becoming addicted at an alarming rate. 

Some national and local media coverage on this epidemic has helped raise awareness that there is a problem brewing out there, but many people are still left wondering what steps they need to take next to help get themselves into treatment. It is not always obvious and apparent to them. 

Luxury detox facilities such as ours are doing everything we can to promote the fact that we offer help with these types of issues, but we certainly need even more people to get the word out about what we are doing.


People sometimes think that detoxing from cocaine is not necessary because this drug does not produce the same physical withdrawal symptoms that other drugs do. However, while the physical withdrawal symptoms may not be present, the mental and psychological withdrawal symptoms can be very challenging. 

It is incredibly important that cocaine users undergo treatment at a detox facility just as they might if they were addicted to alcohol or opioids. The fact that physical withdrawal symptoms may not be present does not excuse someone from seeking help when they clearly need some assistance with this. 

Some people may be causing themselves and their families unnecessary additional harm by delaying their recovery if they don’t get into a detox facility. Having the chance to speak with a trained professional is reason enough to look to detox facilities for help with cocaine addiction.

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The Dangers of Detoxing at Home makes the case for why detoxing at home can be dangerous very clear:

In the event you experience progressively severe withdrawal symptoms and/or complications without medical care or assistance, detoxing at home can be dangerous. For example, left unmanaged, detox from alcohol can bring about withdrawal symptoms such as seizures or delirium tremens that can lead to death.

Not every substance will necessarily pose a grave risk to your health if you detox from it at home, but there are enough of them that do pose this danger that you should exercise extreme caution before considering moving forward. 

There are dangers to detoxing at home including: 

These and other factors are big reasons why you should avoid putting yourself through detox on your own. You might think that you can detox all on your own, but you are likely fooling yourself. Accept the help that is available via medical professionals, and allow yourself the space that you need to go through a medical detox in a way that is safe and constructive towards your end goal of freeing yourself from your addiction.

We can help

At Shahida’s Pace in Riverside, California, we pride ourselves on our specialized treatment plans. Our team of professionals understand that choosing to go to a detox center is a big step. We work with our patients and their loved ones to ensure a safe and comfortable detox process. 

Our luxury rehab center provides patients with all of the personalized care that they need. We take extra care to utilize trusted practices to treat addiction and mental health disorders. Our team of world class mental and behavioral health professionals build treatment plans that are comprehensive and high quality. 

If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction, Shahida’s Place is here to help. Contact us today to start your journey to a healthy and happy life.